Cleaning your ThrowDown

The ThrowDown is delicate on to so treat it with care. LOVE its imperfections, as it is handmade and one of a kind!!!!

Please read the care instructions carefully on the back of your swing tag, as they differ slightly from product to product.

Due to the natural dyeing process of the hand woven Ikat we advise to spot clean / hand washing. Please avoid harsh washing detergents and direct contact with chemicals as it will make the colour bleed and the fading process faster.

Both sides should can be spot wiped and we suggest line drying.

Do Not Heavy Machine Wash
Do Not Iron or Bleach
Do Not Dry Clean
Do Not Tumble Dry
Do Not store Wet or Damp

Storing your ThrowDown

Ensure that your ThrowDown is totally dry on both sides before packing away.

Traveller Throw

Traveller 140cm width x 180cm length approx

100% WaterProof Picnic rug.

Water resistant PVC handle carry case

Care Instructions

Gentle Cold Machine wash. Do not use detergent
Line dry not in direct sunlight.
Do not store damp.
*Please note Colour of the pattern print may fade by ongoing machine washing and sun drying.